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Bigcommerce launches global partner program

12 Mar 2013

Bigcommerce, an e-commerce platform which allows SMBs to quickly set up an online store, has today launched its global partner program for web professionals, designers and resellers.

Partners accepted into the program will benefit from co-­marketing materials and promotional benefits, an assigned partner executive who will provide onboarding, product training and ongoing support, as well as new commission options and PR initiatives.

Simon Clarkson, Bigcommerce’s director of channels, said the partner program is a key part of the company’s rapid growth around the world.

“We’ve partnered with web pros since day one to offer customisation services to our clients," he said. "As a powerful platform for small businesses to sell online, Bigcommerce lends itself to integrating with many providers and services.

"The expertise our partners provide is one of the key ingredients in making Bigcommerce and our SMB clients successful."

Taking a three-tiered approach, the program categorises over 2,000 Bigcommerce partners as premium partners, partners or resellers.

Premium PartnerHand-selected partners who are true experts in e-commerce and masters of the Bigcommerce platform with an extremely high customer success rate.

PartnerThese partners have a solid level of experience with the e-commerce platform and a great track record with Bigcommerce in their customer arsenal.

ResellerThe entry point in coming on board as a Bigcommerce partner, this is where most designers who are just starting out with Bigcommerce will begin their journey and quickly move up in the program.

“We’ve embraced this by fostering a very healthy ecosystem around our platform," Clarkson said.

"However, we have wanted to formalise these relationships and allow more partners to join in the success.

“We realise the tremendous value our partners bring to Bigcommerce and are committed to providing them with a fully encompassing program that supports their efforts and contributes to their ultimate success.

"We’re looking forward to continuing to work with every single partner to jointly deliver the best e-­commerce platform in the world to online retailers."