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Bitdefender launches Parental Control software

20 Dec 12

Bitdefender has launched Bitdefender Parental Control to serve as a standalone bodyguard for children and teens on social networks, mobile phones and instant messenger.

The antivirus software says the software will help fend off bullies, predators and unwanted exposure, helping safeguard children's reputations on social networks.

As kids spend an increasing amount of time online for play, socialising and learning, Bitdefender say they have created a tool which allows children and teens to explore and discover while offering parents peace of mind.

“Whether we like it or not, children interact daily on the internet with people they don’t even know, are subjected to threats from technologies they don’t understand, and risk their safety – and reputations – through social networking,” says Catalin Cosoi, Bitdefender chief security strategist.

“We’ve come up with a product to help counter all those risks and give children a smooth start to their online life.”

The Parental Control will restrict web access to the hours set by parents, block pornography and other content parents deem inappropriate, while monitoring children’s activity on social networks and elsewhere.

The tool tracks who tries to contacts and interacts with children, informing parents of who’s been sending SMSs to their child.

Other features include keeping parents aware of their child’s location, alerting them when their child makes a new friend on Facebook, monitoring wall posts as well as photos, track phone calls.

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