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Blackpearl & Arcanum AI join forces to revolutionise tech collaborations
Mon, 18th Dec 2023

Wellington-based technology firms Blackpearl Group and Arcanum AI have entered into a ground-breaking partnership designed to redefine standards of tech sector collaborations. Both companies have a track record in assisting small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Blackpearl primarily provides data-driven cloud services, while Arcanum offers AI assistants to enhance operational processes.

By amalgamating Blackpearl's prowess in AI pattern recognition and entity resolution with Arcanum's generative AI solutions, the partnership aims to create an AI product that is capable of providing human-like understanding through surfacing highly relevant information, applying emotional intelligence to a prospect and suggesting user actions, eliminating the need for conventional CRM systems.

Sam Daish, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Blackpearl, conveyed his positive outlook on the recent venture, emphasising that the collaboration signifies a common ethos between two New Zealand-based companies. He highlighted that this is not merely a fusion of technologies but a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the landscape of business collaboration in the tech industry.

Sam Daish said, "The alliance is a testament to the shared ethos between two Kiwi-born companies. It's not just a merger of our technologies but a partnership that seeks to reshape the way businesses collaborate in the tech space."

"Our hope is that the collaboration demonstrates how strong we can be when we work together within New Zealand's tech ecosystem," said Daish. 

Asa Cox, the Founder and CEO of Arcanum, echoed the positive sentiments expressed by Sam Daish of Blackpearl, emphasising the significant potential of their partnership for future endeavours. Asa Cox conveyed excitement about collaborating with Blackpearl and shared that when Arcanum was founded, their vision included substantial growth.

Looking ahead to 2024, the company aims to extend its presence beyond New Zealand and Australia, venturing into the USA. The partnership with Blackpearl is seen as a crucial step in realising this expansion goal, leveraging the combined talents of both companies to pioneer innovative products and services in the tech industry.

Asa Cox said, "We are really excited about working with Blackpearl. When we started out, we had a vision to grow. In 2024, it is our goal to expand beyond New Zealand and Australia into the USA, and this partnership is a step in that direction."

"Both of us have incredible talent, were ahead of the tech game, and with Blackpearl at our side we know we'll be able to create incredible products and services," said Cox. 

Through this collaboration, both Blackpearl and Arcanum aim not only to shape the tech landscape but also to instigate a new wave of thought leadership. They intend to stimulate reciprocal collaboration, inviting others to explore the innovations achievable when collective intelligence is harnessed, thereby advocating progress for the entire New Zealand tech community.