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BMW & Celonis bolster strategic alliance for process optimisation
Fri, 29th Mar 2024

BMW Group and Celonis, the specialists in process mining, have recently announced a major expansion to their strategic alliance. BMW has been a client of Celonis since 2016 and the collaboration has enabled the optimisation of more than 80 processes, utilising the Celonis software in a multitude of areas including purchasing, finance, development, and production. This cross-network application means that nearly all BMW vehicles experience some influence from the Celonis technology during their lifecycle.

Through this established partnership, BMW's Center of Excellence for Process Mining and the development department of Celonis are enhancing their cooperative interaction, furthering innovation together. The affiliation is focussed on implementing a more effective connection of suppliers in cross-company operations, utilising automated data transfer and the mapping of the complete customer journey. The incorporation of new AI technologies into these practices is another main objective of the partnership, this will support BMW's operational employees in production and provide insightful data into relevant information for all parties involved in areas such as production or logistics.

The enhanced collaboration is a significant milestone in the application and further development of Process Mining and Process Intelligence. The objective being to continually optimise BMW's industry-defining processes to augment its efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. This commitment by the two Munich-based companies to closely collaborate on future process mining innovations has set the precedence not only for the automotive industry but for firms worldwide.

Central to the success of the BMW Group’s use of process mining technology has been the establishment of a specialised Process Mining Center of Excellence (CoE). This pool of expertise has been designed to promote the development and implementation of new innovative solutions. The goal of the ongoing partnership between BMW and Celonis is to provide access to Celonis's process mining technology to all employees within the BMW Group, giving them the capability to analyse all company processes relevant to them. This transparency will assist in identifying and rectifying any causes for inefficiency.

BMW's Center of Excellence for Process Mining alongside the Celonis development team have agreed to work more closely on the shared development of process intelligence innovations. The primary aim of these advancements includes the efficient connection of suppliers via automated data transfer, mapping the entire customer journey, and the integration of new AI technologies. They are particularly interested in how these technologies can help operational members of the production team, improving operational transparency and accountability within the process.

"The BMW Group strives to be a beacon of quality and efficiency in business processes. This aim is particularly crucial during our current evolutionary period, the largest transformation in BMW's history, as we shift towards electromobility, digitalisation and circularity. Our continuous analysis and optimisation of our end-to-end processes with Celonis is a decisive factor in growing productivity, minimising resource consumption and enhancing the resilience of our supply chains," expressed Alexander Buresch, CIO of the BMW Group.

"Our longstanding collaboration with the BMW Group is a true success story, and we are thrilled by the even stronger strategic cooperation we are introducing today," stated Bastian Nominacher, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis. "BMW is recognised as a trailblazer in the application of new technologies. By using our recently introduced Process Intelligence Graph, BMW can achieve a comprehensive overview of their entire supply chain, from vehicle development to customer delivery and subsequent service. Our platform offers companies like the BMW Group unparalleled process intelligence," Nominacher concluded.