Channel partners sought for customer insight solution

10 Jan 12

Local web developer and email marketing specialist Relavito is hunting for partners to help sell its new Customer Insight system.

Their system is a fully-fledged feedback collection system, built from the ground up with tablets in mind. It enables service-based businesses to stand with their customers and collect the data. Imagine, for example, at Snow Planet after you have completed your ski run, being asked a couple of quick questions. The answers are collected using 'good, better and best' style smiley faces on a tablet, making the experience quick and easy for the consumer.

Relavito director Allan Burton says the company specialises in capturing customer feedback, right at the point of the transaction.

"We don't mean just surveying your customers, but really getting an insight into their experience. The business owner can then use that feedback to improve their business processes, plus extend the feedback into the world of social media."

This type of deep insight gathering can be a critical part of measuring how engaged customers are and could be used in conjunction with measures like a NetPromoter score.

The company is setting up a channel partner network, which will allow the sub-$1,000 solution to get into the hands of thousands of small business operators throughout New Zealand.

See more information on their website here.

Those interested in a solution for their own business or to sell to customers should contact Allan Burton on 021 820 166 or email him here.

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