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Channel Ten named as Milestone Systems Partner of the Year
Mon, 11th Apr 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

New Zealand based value-added distributor Channel Ten has been awarded the title of Milestone Systems Partner of the Year for the South Pacific region 2021.

The company says the award recognises Channel Ten's dedication to not only the Milestone brand but the broader ICT community.

Channel Ten came out as the most highly recognised partner out of seven of Milestone's distribution partners across Australia and New Zealand. They run a carefully-chosen range of premium network video and audio security solutions, working across a broad range of projects and with increasingly new technology.

They are currently based in Auckland and have staff across the country. Established in 1996, Channel Ten have been providing solutions to various industries for over two decades and has deployments in retail, transport and logistics, healthcare, government, banking, aviation, safer cities, and traffic management.

Milestone Systems distribution and inside sales channel manager Anna Schreiber says the company is proud of its partner relationships and enjoys celebrating and recognising partner achievements.

"All of our distribution partners are fantastic and highly valuable to us. Despite the tumultuous year that was 2021, we have enjoyed much success, and the relationships with all of our partners is absolutely pivotal to that success.

"Channel Ten are an exemplary partner. They are highly focused and driven to exceed expectations across all levels of business," she says.

Channel Ten has adopted a Milestone first strategy, and recent achievements include embracing the new Husky IVO range,  which is already being successfully placed in many projects across New Zealand.

"Channel Ten always use their professional skills and knowledge to push the boundaries of what is possible with technology. They are one of the most technically competent partners that Milestone has anywhere in the world and use that expertise to help customers and end users get the most out of their VMS deployment," says Schreiber.

Channel Ten sales director Hamish McKenzie says they are proud of their relationship with Milestone and thanks them and their customers for their continuing contributions and support.

"We would like to thank all our customers and end-users of Milestone VMS solutions. While this is often a cliche, without the acceptance of the Milestone solution it wouldn't be the leading solution in the New Zealand market.

"We always try to look at a challenge from the end user's point of view and focus on the surety of the outcome. While this might not suit everybody's tempo, experience has taught us that you don't often get more than one chance to get it right," he says.

McKenzie says teamwork and collaborative communication is the key to success during these times of rapid change.

"You really need everybody's input and help. So, when you start the Milestone journey, you really get a piece of everybody in that mix, from the security manager to the integrator and all the way through to the software developers," he says.

'Miss a piece and it all falls down. COVID-19 has taught us the value of resilience and relationships and again we would like to thank everybody who has joined Milestone on this journey."