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Chillisoft distributes K-Box

01 Apr 2008

New Zealand distributor Chillisoft has announced they are to be the sole distributor of the K-Box product in New Zealand and Australia. K-Box is manufactured by Kace, and is a systems management software tool built into one appliance. The product manages and monitors a number of different devices on a network, including servers, printers and PCs.

Sim Bong, Sales Manager for Chillisoft, stated that there are a lot of things about K-Box that appealed to the company. “This product simplifies the whole systems management process by being built in to one appliance,” he said. “It also takes hardly any time to deploy, two or three hours at the most, so for installation purposes it makes life a lot easier for resellers.”

Bong went on to say that while there are so many systems management products available now, the K-Box product can offer a lot more.  “K-Box provides you with very thorough information from each computer on your network. It also allows the systems administrator to manage individual computers,” he explained. “It gives resellers a lot of flexibility, and if you want to enable an effective management system, this is the solution.” The price is also very attractive, as Bong stated it is about a third of the price of competing systems management products.

The uptake of K-Box has already been extremely successful overseas, and Chillisoft is expecting the same result in Australia and New Zealand. For more information visit or visit the Eset website.