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Chillisoft launches security blog on The Channel

09 Feb 2009

The ESET blog will be primarily written by Randy Abrams, Director of Technical Education and David Harley, Director of Malware Intelligence.

Chillisoft’s Security Consultant Steve Rielly is responsible for the content of the blog, and will choose the topics that are relevant to the New Zealand industry.

According to Rielly, the blog will cover ESET’s views and opinions on current trends and events that take place in the global IT security landscape.

ESET recently delivered by podcast the following, which Rielly demed an excellent description of what Channel readers can expect from the new blog: “Every day, otherwise intelligent people make decisions that compromise their systems. Whether it's using a USB drive they found in the parking lot, or downloading codecs from un-trusted sources, people routinely put their systems at risk. Randy Abrams, ESET's Director of Technical Education, and David Harley, Director of Malware Intelligence, have a knack for putting today's threats in terms anyone can understand. They effortlessly navigate these waters, steering readers through today’s dangers by offering tips and tricks to avoid becoming a casualty.” Keep checking the website’s new section for more security updates.

To find out more, visit the Eset website.