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Cisco makes changes to its APAC business

18 Aug 10

Cisco says that its commercial business in Asia Pacific has shown some of the fastest growth across the company in the recent years and by placing an increasing focus on channel relationships, it can continue that growth.

“With increased focus in mind, we will be innovating our commercial sales model to leverage our joint strengths and capitalise on the massive untapped potential in this market,” said a statement sent out to partners by Mike Allen, Managing Director, APAC Partner Organisation.

Cisco now plans to make changes to its go-to-market strategy.

“We are pleased to announce that our commercial go-to-market has transitioned to 100% partner led in Asia Pacific,” the statement continued. “This approach will enable region-wide growth with a strong emphasis on speed of execution and local empowerment, where the strength of our partnership becomes essential.”

The new model will provide partners with the opportunity to acquire new customers through a better relationship with Cisco, Business Intelligence by accessing Cisco’s virtual resources. “As one of our partners, you will now be our primary route to market in the commercial space.”

Changes include:

  • Increased Partner Resources:  Small Medium Business and Mid Market merge into the Partner Led segment

  • One Team: Commercial and distribution teams merge into one partner led team

  • Territory Account Managers (TAMs) become Territory Business Managers (TBMs) compensated on partner success

  • Your Territory Business Manager (TBM) becomes your single point of contact and your strategic business partner for Commercial Sales

  • Avant Garde becomes the focused Partner Led program accelerating your customers' success

“We will be proactively reaching out to you shortly with more detailed information on the changes. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact your Cisco Partner Business Manager or Commercial Sales leader,” Allen letter concluded.