Clickfree launches “simple” backup solutions

20 Aug 10

Clickfree says its new solutions can backup multiple computers, networks and mobile storage devices including iPods and iPhones.

Marco Manera, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Asia Pacific said, “We are very excited to bring this technology to this part of the world. Clickfree products are unique, with absolutely no software installation or configuration required. This level of simplicity is key when many consumers perceive backup as a complex and fearful ordeal that’s best avoided”.

All Clickfree products connect via a USB port to automatically backup multiple drives to your Mac or PC or both.

The Clickfree C2: Clickfree’s award winning portable backup drive, the C2 features an all-in-one design with USB cable built right in. Advance features include iPod music and playlist import, automatic back up of multiple PC or Mac computers, built-in photo viewer, and effortless migration to new Windows and Mac computers. The C2 comes in high gloss black, with capacity ranging from 250GB to 2TB and priced from $169 RRP inc GST.

The Clickfree C2N: backs up multiple computers across your home or office network. The C2N has all of the functionality of the Clickfree C2, and also includes Clickfree's new BackupLink - leave the C2N connected to any computer on the network and it locates and backs up all machines - both Windows and Mac computers at the same time The C2N is available in high gloss black, with a capacity ranging from 500GB to 2TB and priced from $259 RRP inc GST.

The Clickfree Transformer: Turns any USB hard drive, iPod, or iPhone into an automatic backup solution. Just connect the Transformer to your computer, then connect the USB hard drive, or iPod/iPhone - Backup will start automatically onto the available free space of the connected product. Bonus functionality includes the ability to also archive all the music and playlists on an iPod and iPhone, as well as automatically restore music and playlists to iTunes. It’s available as an HDD/iPod/iPhone version $95 RRP inc GST or as a network version $149 RRP inc GST.

The Clickfree Traveler: Automatic backup solution that’s the size of a credit card. Wrapped in a durable aluminum chassis, the Traveler easily connects to your PC or MAC with its slim USB connector that swings out from one side. Ideal for business travelers who need to be confident that their data is safe and protected, especially when away from the home or office. The Traveler is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and priced from $135 RRP inc GST.

Synnex is the New Zealand distributor for Clickfree and all products are available from Noel Leeming.

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