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Cloud the OneNet way

Mon, 17th Jun 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

How will you deliver cloud services to your clients?

Your clients have become aware of the significant benefits gained from cloud computing services, namely, lower IT costs, stronger security and a more innovative IT future, and they are asking you for your advice.

If you consider cloud services are suitable for a particular client, how will you provide them? Your decision is a classic dilemma of “make or buy”. You may choose to build, or “make”, your own cloud computing capability, or you may choose to “buy”, by partnering with a competent market leader in this new and fast-growing field.

If you choose to “make”, you will, potentially, be faced with very heavy capital investment and a deep commitment to skills to replicate what already exists with established cloud computing service providers.

You will also quickly discover that delivering high-quality cloud computing services is a lot more difficult than it seems at the outset.

In addition, you will have very significant increased overhead without any certainty of revenue growth to justify that minimum investment.

While you could take a short-cut, low-cost approach by just attaching some servers to the Internet, you know that your clients deserve better and, sooner or later, they will likely suffer as a result.

On the other hand, if you choose to “buy” your cloud computing services from a reputable, well-established market leader such as OneNet, you will gain many of the same benefits that your clients will.

You will only “buy” the cloud computing services that you need for your clients, when they actually need them, and they will only pay you for what they actually use.

Even better, the OneNet cloud services that you provide to your clients are enterprise-class quality. Enterprise-class computing means that OneNet:

  • follows industry and vendor best-practice
  • uses best-in-class technology
  • employs full-spectrum security, including frequent independent security audits
  • operates from enterprise-class data centers
  • deploys “two of every single technology” redundancy to virtually eliminate single points of failure
  • most importantly, OneNet has competent and visionary business and IT leadership

This means that you may have complete confidence in selling OneNet's cloud computing services to your clients.

Your clients will gain many benefits from OneNet's cloud computing services, including:

  • only pay for the computing they actually use
  • predictability of a per user, per month, pricing model
  • the lower total cost of IT
  • quality of OneNet's computing will likely be of a much higher quality than they have already
  • much stronger IT security than they have at present unless they are a defence contractor or similar
  • more flexible and fast-to-deploy IT options

The most valuable benefit though, is that your clients will no longer have to be shackled with the responsibility of maintaining their own computing infrastructure, which cannot add value or competitive advantage to their business.

In essence, your clients will be better able to focus on their own core competencies and creating value for their own clients.

What does your partnership with OneNet mean?

There are many benefits to be gained from your business partnership with OneNet to deliver cloud services to your clients, including the following:

  • you maintain your marketing relationship with your client
  • a valuable share of the monthly annuity revenue is paid to you
  • you are profitable from the first sale of OneNet's cloud services
  • it is your choice to invoice your client directly or not
  • OneNet's range of cloud services can be selected from, as required, and combined with your client's existing on-premise solutions
  • easy scalability, both up and down
  • your clients continue to get software support from their same current providers
  • you have provisioning capability for many cloud services with OneNet's control panel
  • you provide high-quality OneNet branded services to your clients
  • fewer expensive in-house technical resources required
  • more time to focus on building your client base greater opportunity to really add value to each client's business
  • maintain your consulting fees, end-user computing and help desk service revenue
  • reciprocal business opportunities
  • complete OneNet package of cloud computing services

OneNet provides hosted Microsoft Exchange, Office, Project, CRM, Visio and SharePoint. In addition, OneNet provides hosted virtual servers and Online Backup services.

However, the missing piece of the complete cloud computing jigsaw puzzle is invariably the existing client-server line-of-business applications which are used by your client to run their business and, hopefully, help to generate their competitive advantage.

These industry-standard applications are likely to be heavily customized and integrated with other complementary systems. In addition, your clients may be using custom-written applications. Where will they find this software functionality in the cloud today?

  • OneNet solves this cloud computing challenge by delivering existing client-server and custom-written applications to your client's users with Citrix technology
  • each of your client's complete set of applications may be delivered to their users from within a single Web form access, without your client needing any server equipment, storage, or the need to upgrade or support the infrastructure or do backups
  • client users can access their full desktop securely from virtually anywhere, at any time, with almost any device connected to the Internet
  • OneNet's cloud services allow your clients to move fully to a thin client environment, using cheaper devices or extending the life of current PCs
  • your clients may access just some, or all, of their applications with OneNet's cloud services, irrespective of their technology heritage
  • your clients can take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, while still using the line-of-business software they own and rely upon to run their business

Why partner with OneNet for your cloud services?

OneNet is a pioneer and New Zealand market leader in cloud computing, with over 12 year's experience. OneNet Limited is the third successful entrepreneurial IT business founded by Dr Michael Snowden during the past 30 years.

The first, Financial Systems Limited, was a systems integrator. The second, The Great Elk Company Limited, was a global software company pioneering CRM for multinational firms.

In 1999, The Great Elk Company launched a SaaS version of its CRM product in the USA market, thus becoming a very early pioneer in cloud computing, as we now describe it.

The key benefits of a business partnership with OneNet include:

  • the directors of OneNet, Paulette and Michael Snowden, enjoy a hard-earned market reputation for competency, integrity and leadership
  • the OneNet team of professionals has proven technical capability and solution experience
  • OneNet's own business partners represent the best-in-class vendors of component technology and services
  • the OneNet team holds high-level technical competency qualifications with each key vendor partner. This includes being the first Microsoft Gold Hosting Partner in New Zealand
  • many years experience as a business partner of other IT vendors means that OneNet's leadership understands what a valuable business partner should be
  • your OneNet business partnership allows you to offer cloud computing services to your clients that are of the highest enterprise-class quality
  • OneNet has a wide range of client sizes, from single-user start-ups to 1,000 user firms, across all New Zealand regions and internationally
  • reference checks from OneNet's clients are available for you and your clients
  • the OneNet team has extensive experience in delivering different applications to clients' users
  • OneNethasastrongmotivationtobuilda long term relationship with you, delivering solutions which are in your clients' best interests
  • current OneNet business partners endorse all of the above benefits, and are available for reference checking

Become an OneNet Business Partner

For further information contact Steve Victor, Business Partner Manager, on (09) 376 7643 or

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