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Commvault announces four new solution sets to cover today's customer

The IT landscape is an ever evolving and changing landscape and Commvault are working to meet requirements with new solution sets.

Simon Probert, Nextgen, sales director, says, “IT environments have changed, now it’s all about virtualization and consolidation.” Recognising this and addressing competitive threats, Commvault now offers solutions that are flexible and accessible for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). 

The four new sets are: VM Backup, Recovery and Cloud Management; Leverage Cloud Infrastructures; Archive for Search and Compliance; and Endpoint Data Protection.

The new solutions for SMEs are pared down and consolidated - they’re sold by capacity and customers pay for what they’ve asked for and deployed, and won’t be charged for anything more.

“All Commvault customers utilise the same software written on a common code base, regardless of their size, but now they have the ability to only address the problem they have in mind. The software can be reused and upgraded - you just bolt on as you need it. There are no massive forklift upgrades, no issues with legacy versions,” says Probert.

SMEs can, in essence, test out the solution by deploying for a single workload or location. For instance, a business could see how the solution works in Christchurch before they deploy it in a large data centre in Auckland, says Probert.

“With so much change in the IT environment, trying it out in a smaller workload is positive for new customers,” says Probert.

Today Commvault offers four solution sets for SMEs. The VM Backup, Recovery and Cloud Management bundle offers a complete cloud management solution. With VM provisioning, management and recovery tools, a virtual infrastructure can be turned into a private cloud and help a business achieve a more agile and cost-effective infrastructure.

Leverage Cloud Infrastructures protects data residing across physical, virtual and cloud environments, whether in a private cloud, service provider deliver public cloud or hybrid cloud. Users can scale easily, cut costs and receive insights into their data.

Archive for Search and Compliance can help customers reduce their risk and ensure compliance, ensuring litigation readiness and information governance with a holistic and automated approach.

Endpoint Data Protection focuses on desktops, laptops, mobile back and more. Commvault recognises that the mobile workforce of today creates information on local devices outside the traditional IT domain, and provides a solution to gain control of business data.

Probert says with each of the bundles Commvault addresses a different element of the business structure of today, from endpoint data that may not need to be backed up constantly and requires a more flexible policy, to government organisations that need comprehensive cloud data protection.

“Commvault software bundles are used by small businesses, local governments, health, education, providers, architects, law firms. ‘I have data therefore it applies’,” says Probert.

Many New Zealand businesses have experienced data loss, and this can lead to companies going out of business, says Probert. “It happens for a million different reasons, we don’t have to convince people they need it. It’s the umbrella you buy and keep in the cupboard in case it rains,” he says.

Probert says these solutions, which were released about four months ago, create bigger market opportunities.

“These bundles gives Commvault partners the ability to re-address core requirements.  They also open up opportunities to make new partnerships,” he says.

“From a partner perspective, they can take a customer on a journey from where they are to where they want to be. They can solve a problem over an extended period of time, three years for instance, and help people reach their information management nirvana,” he says.

Commvault has a customer on Auckland’s North Shore. The software development customer is 100% virtualised with 250 employees. Previously, this customer discarded Commvault because it was too expensive.

However, Probert says NextGen was able to address all requirements, such as mailbox archiving and backup, and significantly lower the cost. “The customer benefits are great,” says Probert, “their data is protected, the have very low future costs and will also use the email archive solution.”

Commvault takes protection of data to the next level by providing information about the data. With a central repository, customers can access analytics, search for a compliance issue, and complete data mining. This leads to business enablement and adds to growth, says Probert.

“What starts as a conversation about backup naturally evolves into what else the software can do,” says Probert.

On the solution sets and R2 bundles, Probert says, “This is a positive move for the New Zealand market. It means a vast majority of customers have more flexibility in how they purchase and consume Commvault software.”

Commvault is distributed by NextGen Distribution in New Zealand. Contact Simon Probert, NextGen sales director, for more information via email or call 09 972 3128.