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CommVault expands customer support across APAC

18 May 2012

Data management software company CommVault has announced an expansion of its customer service operations across Asia Pacific, with additional resources now enabling enterprise-level support for all of the company’s global customers at all hours of the day.

CommVault operates a single global queue for its customer support, spreading its resources across support centres in the Americas, EMEA, APJ and China.

Robert Brower, vice president of worldwide customer support and training for CommVault, says the addition of more resources enables a greater level of support for local customers, significantly reducing ‘time to close’. 

"Our support process has evolved from what might have been called a distributed call centre or ‘follow the sun’ legacy global customer support model in years gone by to what we see as a modern, ‘follow the problem’ approach,” Brower says.

"The integration of more CommVault expertise and personnel to support this process can only reduce ‘time to close’ and improve efficiency for all of our customers... for our New Zealand customers there will also be more directly available support resources online during their working day.”

Brower says CommVault has experienced a 600% increase in web traffic on its global forums. In ANZ, 65% of new incidents are now being reported through portals.

"The most pleasing aspect is when we see our customers and end users responding to questions from their peers. It’s really rewarding to see we have built such a good relationship that an end user is willing to do that.”