27 May 2016
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Commvault's new platform solving problems you don’t know you have yet

By Ashton Young

Commvault’s Next Generation platform represents the eleventh version of their innovative technology now known as the Commvault Integrated Solutions Portfolio

Commvault's principal solutions architect, Chris Gondek, says it is a new era of business productivity.

“The single platform approach from Commvault enables us to do something known as Onepass, allowing us to do deep analysis, backup and archiving in a single operation and therefore eliminating redundant processes that other single point products have to do on separate infrastructures," says Gondek.

He affirms Commvault has always been about solving problems for their customers that they didn't know they had yet.

“Being a hardware agnostic platform, it’s a portable solution," Gondek says. "It helps customers all the way from legacy on-premises physical solutions through to virtual infrastructures across to hybrid and public cloud infrastructures, as well as right up to data management solutions for SaaS type applications and endpoint devices.”

Gondek says that the Next Generation Platform has now adopted an open platform model and thus is a leap forward, enabling greater agility in adopting new technologies and gaining further insights and value out of our data.

“The industry is abuzz right now with big data analytics, the IoT and so on – these are all terminologies which in some way help gather telemetry or look at forecasting and trending combined with data sciences to make intelligent business decisions and gain strategic insights,” Gondek says. “Where our data platform is relevant to this process is that all of these technologies rely on the data, and the more data you can get your hands on, the more robust and deep the intelligence will be. The Commvault data platform will help aggregate and bring it together for enhanced business intelligence analytics capabilities.”

Commvault and Nextgen work together to deliver innovative data centre technology, including the enabling of cloud-first strategies for New Zealand organisations and government agencies.  

Click here to find out more about transforming your data into a strategic asset with Commvault's Next Generation platform.

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