05 Aug 2015
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Connector Systems introduces the Seagate Business NAS range

By Sean Mitchell

You know the story; our work lives are exploding with data. Until every small business in NZ has ubiquitous and cheap fibre connections to the internet, they need local network storage.

The answer for small and medium businesses is a NAS drive (Network Attached Storage).

Seagate has a new range of business NAS products that are the perfect size and price for small and medium businesses in New Zealand.

They’re available either as four or eight bay configurations, can be stand along units or rack mounted, plus they can either be running Windows or Linux depending upon the client’s network setup.

Don’t think these are enterprise products and out of the reach of the average business. Solutions start at the small business end and right up to medium sized enterprises.

For a full comparison of Seagate Business NAS rackmounted solution download:

  8 Bay Rackmount NAS PDF

Seagate is incredible around their warranty and support structures. With options for inexpensive data recovery services if things go wrong.

In late May, Connector Systems was appointed as a distributor for Seagate’s business range of NAS devices.

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