23 Jun 2010
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Connector Systems signs another

Connector Systems has signed a distribution deal with SmartOptics in New Zealand.

Mark Dasent, General Manager Networking and Wireless, Connector Systems, told The Channel, “This is a new brand and product set for the New Zealand market.”

SmartOptics provides a range of passive, active, coarse and dense wave division multiplexing (CWDM and DWDM) solutions, which Connector says allows customers to run multiple channels across fibre. “For Example, using an 80 port multiplexor we can get 80 x 10GB across single Fibre, which amounts to 800 Gigabytes of bandwidth,” it said in a release.

Dasent added, “We see a number of opportunities for resellers in this very topical subject right now, with all the fibre and broadband initiatives going on in the market.”

The Channel reported last week that Connector Systems had signed up Sanyo Security for New Zealand.

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