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D-Link passes Windows 7 tests

13 Oct 2009

D-Link readies itself for launch with Windows 7 Logo testing.The company announced that eight of its 802.11n routers have passed Windows 7 Logo testing, which qualifies them for the ‘Compatible with Windows 7’ Logo program. The program is designed to help companies develop systems and devices that have been tested to make sure that they meet Microsoft standards for Windows 7.“Microsoft, with Windows 7, is looking at the bigger picture of the entire network and not just individual devices,” said Maurice Famularo, Marketing Director for D-Link ANZ.“Now, when you start plugging in all your devices, they will be auto-discovered and auto-configured,” he said. “This will help users realise additional functionality out of their networks and devices, and in the long run, this will help us lower support calls, benefitting the user and D-Link.”