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Dell sets sights on IoT and big data analytics

By Heather Wright, Wed 21 Oct 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Dell’s fifth annual Dell World conference has kicked off in Texas, with a slew of announcements on how Dell is ushering in the ‘future-ready enterprise’ - and a big focus on IoT and analytics.

The company has announced new offerings to its end-to-end big data and analytics portfolio, along with new internet of things offerings, refreshed PCs and new security solutions.

On the big data front, the company debuted a new release of its advanced analytics software platform and new analytics-as-a-service offerings for industry verticals including banking, healthcare and insurance.

Dell says the new offerings and capabilities ‘enable companies to embed analytics across their core processes and disseminate analytics expertise across the organisation to drive better business outcomes’.

The company says its Global Technology Adoption Index 2015 shows organisations robustly using big data show 50% higher growth rates than organisations that aren’t, but 44% of organisations still don’t understand how to extract value from their data.

“With the latest enhancements to its big data and analytics portfolio, Dell is helping customers overcome that uncertainty and invest wisely in data technologies by delivering flexible, end-to-end solutions that help organisations foster IT and business alignment, drive operational efficiency and leverage the power of predictive analytics,” Dell says.

Dell’s Statistica has been revamped, with the latest release, Statistica 13, featuring a ‘completely revamped and modernised GUI for greater ease-of-use and visual appeal.

The offering also includes the addition of new native distributed analytics capabilities, allowing users to run analytics directly in the database where data lives, and work more efficiently with large and growing data sets.

Deeper integration with the recently added Statistica Interactive Visualization and Dashboard engine is also included, along with tighter integration with open source R for sharing and control of R scripts.

The company has also expanded its analytics-as-a-service offerings, with industry-specific services to help businesses ‘unearth insights, predict business outcomes and improve the accuracy and efficiency of critical business processes’.

The new services include fraud, waste and abuse management for the medical market, denial likelihood scoring and predictive analytics and churn management/customer retention services.

The vendor also claims it’s disrupting the internet of things marketplace with its Dell Edge Gateway 5000 service and new analytics capabilities.

The new Edge Gateway 5000 is built for the building and factory automation sectors and, combined with Dell’s data analytics capabilities ‘promises to give companies an edge computing solution alternative to today’s costly, proprietary IoT offerings.

The Gateway 5000 sits at the edge of the network, near devices and sensors, with local analytics and other middleware to receive, aggregate, analyse and relay data, minimising expensive bandwidth use by relaying only meaningful data to the cloud or data centre.

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