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Dell unveils expanded security portfolio to partners...

18 Apr 2014

At the Dell Enterprise Forum customer and partner event last week, Dell showcased new security services and solutions that further expand its security portfolio.

With the new offerings, businesses can defend all technology touch points to better safeguard the corporate network, critical data and devices while enabling employee productivity and confidently protecting the mobile workforce.

“In today’s evolving technology landscape, organisations face an unprecedented number and variety of security threats," says John McClurg, Chief Security Officer, Dell.

"Only a connected approach to security protects an organization’s entire IT environment without compromising access, collaboration, performance or cost.

"Our portfolio updates shared today will help customers implement a holistic security strategy to protect their businesses from the outside-in and inside-out.

"Ultimately, Dell’s differentiated security approach allows businesses to defend all technology touchpoints from the device to the datacenter to the cloud.”

As security threats continue to evolve and multiply, organisations are struggling to both keep pace with major technology trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), cloud and mobility, and defend their perimeter

The frequency of attacks is expanding at an alarming rate globally. In fact, Dell prevented 1.06 trillion intrusion events in 249 countries in the past year alone.

A Dell global security survey released in February found that 74 percent of global respondents had experienced a security breach in the past year, but on average, respondents only allocated 17 percent of their IT budget to security.

In order for organisations to truly transform their business, it is imperative they ensure data is protected and their workforce is productive.

In today’s world, that means protection at the data center, in the cloud, within the network and especially at the endpoint.

According to a recent Forrester Research report: “Employee endpoints are frequent targets of cybercriminals, and gaining control of the endpoint provides easy access to some of the organisation's most sensitive data assets.

"Forrester believes that any comprehensive data security strategy must include both reducing the endpoint threat surface and limiting exposure to data loss involving these endpoints.”

Dell’s AETD service has a number of threat-oriented features:

• Always-on endpoint assessments:

The 24x7 aspect of the solution gives customers the earliest possible warning that an adversary might be lurking on a company’s endpoints; Dell SecureWorks experts, specially trained to analyze the advance threat, will determine the severity of any activity and escalate critical threats promptly.

• Unique endpoint intelligence delivered by one of the industry’s leading security research teams:

Dell SecureWorks has conducted advanced threat hunting engagements on thousands of systems and has developed signatures and elite intelligence for detecting endpoint compromise.

• Specific data around attack vector:

Many competing endpoint solutions simply advise to re-image compromised devices , but Dell SecureWorks can reveal precisely how the endpoint was compromised, often allowing customers to patch their systems instead of undertaking a costly re-imaging effort.

• A fully managed service:

Dell SecureWorks personnel will not only patch and update the analysis software, but will deploy new intelligence updates on a regular basis and will monitor the system’s availability.