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Dicker Data expands Juniper Networks partnership to New Zealand
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

Dicker Data has announced the extension of its partnership with Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, to include New Zealand. This expansion marks a new chapter for Dicker Data, as it aims to strengthen its presence and service offerings in the New Zealand market.

Effective immediately, Dicker Data, a well-established distributor of information technology products, will begin distributing the full range of Juniper Networks products in New Zealand. This expansion follows the successful partnership between Dicker Data and Juniper Networks in Australia, which began in 2017.

Vlad Mitnovetski, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of Dicker Data, expressed enthusiasm about the new venture. "I’m pleased to be announcing the expansion of our partnership with Juniper Networks to encompass New Zealand," he said. Mitnovetski emphasised the company's commitment to growing and diversifying its technology portfolio to meet the demands of the New Zealand market and its partners. "Our partnership with Juniper Networks in Australia has been built on a strong foundation that has helped them to sustainably grow their business, and I’m confident we can replicate the same level of success in the New Zealand market," he added.

Dicker Data's team in New Zealand is already in place, ready to assist partners with their networking transformations to become AI-driven enterprises. The company's range of networking and security solutions, including datacentre, cloud, enterprise, mid-market, and SMB offerings, is expected to transform the efficiency of the networks it manages. Additionally, Dicker Data plans to improve user and employee experiences for end-customers while simplifying network management processes for engineers.

Darrin Iatrou, Area Partner Director for Australia and New Zealand at Juniper Networks, shared the excitement for the expanded commitment. "Juniper Networks is excited to build on our long-term relationship and further expand our commitment with Dicker Data to now encompass New Zealand," Iatrou stated. He highlighted the goal of delivering transformative networking connectivity across New Zealand and enabling the future of New Zealand’s enterprises through AI-driven networking solutions.

In the first half of 2024, Dicker Data will introduce several training and enablement initiatives in the New Zealand market. These initiatives aim to help the company's Kiwi partners fully leverage the potential of the partnership with Juniper Networks. Partners can expect a high level of support in identifying, scoping, and closing networking opportunities across both the North and South Island.

This strategic expansion by Dicker Data into the New Zealand market represents a significant step in the company's growth and diversification efforts. With a strong foundation already established in Australia, the company looks poised to replicate its success in New Zealand, offering cutting-edge, AI-driven networking solutions to its partners and end-users.