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Digital home collaboration

01 Oct 2006

HP, D-Link, Benq, Microsoft and Kristil Home Automation joined forces last month to take technology to the masses.

The vendors participated in a digital home stand as part of the Auckland Home Show event which was held over five days and attracted araound 70,000 visitors.Organised by BQD the digital home showcased hardware and software integrated into a realistic home environment.Juliana Moss, D-Link business manager, says the show was a great way to demonstrate home networking technology.“Consumers aren’t interested in what a router is, how a modem works or the technical aspects of wireless. They want fast internet for all computers in their home and they want it to work.I found most people had a full understanding of DSL and there was definite interest in VoIP,” she says.Vendors also participated in educational seminars to raise awareness.David Raynor, Microsoft client marketing manager, says audiences were from a broader consumer base than other shows. “If you look at something like Big Boys Toys many of the visitors are quite technologically aware but at the Home Show we had a really diverse range of people. I had someone ask me how to plug a digital camera in, followed by someone asking an extremely technical question,” he says. Raynor says the general thrust of Microsoft’s presentations was around the Xbox 360 and Media Centre technology.