Do enterprise applications realise the benefits of virtualisation?

21 Aug 13

Following a lengthy phase of technical development, ViFX has launched new services for transforming the delivery of business critical applications in the enterprise IT environment.

Director, Derek Leitch said the launch of the vBCA (virtualising business critical applications) service was the first of its kind in New Zealand and a capability milestone for both ViFX and the enterprise IT’s journey to cloud computing.

“Large-scale enterprise IT in New Zealand is already highly virtualised," he says.

"This has delivered major benefits in terms of agility, resiliency and cost-efficiency.

"The last bastion of legacy IT has been core business critical applications, commonly SAP, Oracle and mail servers.

"We are now at the stage where virtualisation has become very mature, enough to deliver those same benefits to core business applications."

Leitch claims the company's specialist focus has been on virtualised-infrastructure and guiding clients on their journey toward cloud, with the big hurdle in achieving this coming from core business apps.

"Now with support from our partner, VMware, we have developed a service that meets this need for enterprise IT, we are removing the final barrier to a fully virtual environment and the benefits that will bring," he says.

Leitch hopes the service will deliver great value into enterprise organisations, “this service will deliver a greater level of agility, reduced total cost of ownership and enhanced DR capabilities to those core business systems currently housed on often vulnerable and costly legacy systems.”

“ViFX can help organisations take another big step on their journey to cloud."

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