03 Aug 2011
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Duo launches portable solar device chargers

New Zealand technology distributors Duo have launched a range of solar chargers for smartphones and tablets, targeted at users who spend a lot of time on the move.

Kendra Ross, co-director for Duo, says with the mobile workforce set to expand even further in coming years, the Freeloader chargers fill a gap in the market.

"The business world now relies on mobile technology,” Ross says, "but keeping these devices powered all day long is a challenge.”

As well as solar power, the devices can also be charged from a standard AC adaptor.

Fully charged, the basic Freeloader Classic can support an iPhone for an additional 18 hours, and a basic smartphone for 44 hours. iPad owners will need to upgrade to the Freeloader Pro, which will support the tablet device for an additional 28 hours compared with just two on the Classic.

Go here for more info.

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