23 Mar 2011
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Duo signs Check Point for New Zealand

Duo New Zealand has been appointed as distributor for Check Point’s Endpoint solutions.

Duo Director Kendra Ross said that the deal ticks all the right boxes as the risk in security is moving to the end point.

"Check Point has been extremely smart in offering a broad range of solutions for the end point and virtual work space through a pick and mix style but with one central management console," said Ross.

"As a recognised Gartner leader in security, its security solutions are comprehensive, flexible and expandable, but are at the same time also affordable and simple to use. You can customise a solution using the Check Point Security Gateway in any number of ways, depending on the size of your business, you budget, and what you do.”

The Check Point solutions on offer through Duo are:

Mobile AccessWith the proliferation of ‘i” devices such as iPhones, iPads and the new Android tablets, many workers are beginning to bring their devices into the workplace. This poses a number of risks to enterprise around data leakage, data security and managing these devices in the work place. It is important that IT balance the business use of these devices while protecting the enterprise. Check Point has the mobile access solution for this space.

AbraCheckpoint also offer a solution called Abra. This is a virtual work space on a secure USB, perfect for organisations that use a high number of contractors. Supplying laptops to your contractors and supporting them is an enormous cost, without even considering the security risk this presents. With Abra, and organisation can issue a device that contains a virtual workspace and the all corporate apps they use. The contractor uses this with their own laptop or PC, and once they leave the organisation, they hand it back or be decommissioned. Abra can also be used for continuity during disaster recovery.

End Point"Consolidation and reducing the complexity of point products has become a huge concern for CIOs and CSOs, both in New Zealand and around the world,” says Check Point’s ANZ Data Protection & Endpoint Manager Gareth Cox. "Now, more than ever, businesses are looking to deploy the next generation in desktop security to reduce the complexity and increase the user experience. Through our partnership with DUO, more customers will benefit from our Single Management console with a single agent that includes 10 integrated award-winning Endpoint solutions.”

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