03 Mar 2011
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Duo signs NZ storage encryption deal

Duo New Zealand and High Density Devices AS Norway have signed a distribution agreement that will see Duo become distributor of the [hiddn] Crypto Adapter (pictured). 

The product encrypts regular USB storage media and is said to be highly secure as all encryption keys are stored on a smartcard, rather than on the storage media itself.

"We’re proud to introduce the [hiddn] Crypto Adapter to Australasia,” says Duo Director Kendra Ross. 

"Duo already serves as the distributor of [hiddn] full disk hardware encryption solutions and we are delighted to add this product to our range. The [hiddn] range is highly certified, cost-effective and user-friendly.”

High Density Devices’ Chief Marketing Officer Tormod Fjellgaard, added, "We are excited to enter into a distribution agreement with Duo and are confident that their extensive network throughout the region will provide Australian and New Zealand users with the data protection they need. We believe that DUO is the right partner for introducing our [hiddn] Hardware Encryption to the Australasian marketplace.”

Look out for more Duo news next Monday. 

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