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PS: Duo’s adding professional services

Kiwi distributor Duo is branching out into professional services following demand from resellers for certified security experts to work with them on specific projects.

Kendra Ross, Duo director, says the development of the new nationwide business – codenamed PS Duo – was spurred by constant demand from Duo resellers and the number of projects being delayed due to resellers and partners not having engineering or technical staff available to deliver a project or upgrade.

“There is an absolute shortage of trained and certified professionals and we’re constantly being asked for help in this area,” Ross says.

The service will bring independent contractors together with resellers, including those who are not Duo resellers.

“We think we know the security market better than anyone else, because we are working in it,” she says of Duo’s ability to effectively match the independent contractors with a reseller’s requirements.

She says the service won’t compete with resellers.

“We won’t be putting contractors into client sites, but will be working with partners [resellers] so they can utilise the contractors’ skills.”

The nationwide service, which will officially launch in late February or early March, will operate alongside Duo but will be its own separate business, and provide qualified certified professionals for security deployments across a range of vendors, including those not distributed by Duo.

Ross says the new service’s primary benefit will be in ensuring projects aren’t held up because of a lack of staff, with certified contractors available for resellers on a project by project basis, enabling resellers to move on quickly to the next project and gain the financial benefits.

“In the last few years we’ve seen a lot of delays in projects and with the industry moving so fast, the next version can be out before a project is done.”

She says the new business will also be able to offer existing contractors ‘real value add’ in building a pipeline for them and freeing them up to concentrate on the projects, rather than finding the next job.

Ross says contracts are already underway in Auckland and ‘down South’, stressing it is a nationwide offering.

“We’re not just Wellington based.”

While the business will initially match independent contractors with resellers, Ross isn’t ruling out it having its own in-house team of full-time staff who are hired out for contract work in future.

Duo is currently recruiting an HR/employment specialist to run the new business, including handling commercials, contracts and time sheets.