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Easy transfer

01 Jul 2007

Kingston Technology Company, Inc., has announced the arrival of two USB microSD reader plus card bundles designed to enhance mobile consumers moving data between multiple mobile phones, PCs and digital devices.

Available immediately, the new USB readers ship with either a 1GB or 2GB capacity microSD card.

“Kingston saw an opportunity to serve mobile customers with our new USB microSD card/reader bundle,” said Vaughan Nankivell, regional manager, Australia/New Zealand, Kingston.

“Consumers now have a handy option to back up contact info when changing phones; move digital music and videos between PC and phone more easily; and download new mobile applications for mobile phones without using additional network time,” continued Nankivell.

Designed with a USB connector and memory expansion slot that accepts the microSD card format, the mobile device-ready reader bundle eliminates the need to carry additional USB cables and reduces wait times typically associated with Bluetooth transfers between cell phones and PCs.