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EMC unveils new partner programme

EMC has lifted the veil on its Business Partner Program, which merges all its partner programmes into one.

The company says the new programme offers more flexibility and choice as well as greater access to solutions and services 'to enable partners to play a leading role in both the second platform and emerging third platform of IT, characterised by the mega trends of social, mobile, cloud and big data'.

Partners will have access to five new purpose-built solutions 'to drive higher value engagements' across cloud, big data and security.

EMC says partners will be able to choose tracks to suit their strategic objectives, including EMC resell, distribution, cloud service provider, system integrator and outsourcer as well as the RSA SecurWorld programme.

For partners qualified in VMware, Pivotal, RSA and VCE programmes, cross-programme training credits will be available to reduce partner investment in sales or technical certifications.

Qualifying partner will also receive additional incentives for reselling solutions built on a combination of EMC, VMware, Pivotal and VCE technology.

The vendor says the overhaul shifts the focus to bring high value solutions and services to market with partners.

As part of the rebate overhaul, resell partners will receive 'predicatable, richer rebates' while solution provider partners will earn rebates fro selling EMC products, software and services at the first dollar of sales and increasing at a graduated rate as specific revenue thresholds are met.

“This promises a simpler, more predicatable and more profitable experience for partners,” EMC says.

For the first time, EMC will offer qualified partners expanded access to resell and deliver an enhanced portfolio of consulting services and partners will be eligible for performance incentives recognising and rewarding partners for excellence in service sales.

EMC says the revamped offering rewards partners who build deep and broad investments across EMC, its federation of companies and VCE.

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