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Enjoy your Days of Summer with Ingram Micro's HP campaign

04 Nov 2014

Ingram Micro is running a promotion for HP products in time for summer.

The ‘Days of Summer’ campaign is open now, with the opportunity to win prizes when you purchase HP products.

Every time you buy a HP printing and personal systems (PPS) product through Ingram Micro, you’ll earn progressive supermarket vouchers.

This works on a spend to earn basis. When you spend $5,000 you earn $50, spend $10,000 and earn $100, and if you spend $20,000 you’ll earn $200.

HP PPS products include Officejet Pro X, which was the first wide array printer in the world, and the Z Book, the world’s first ultrabook workstation.

If you want to take part, simply click here for the official Days of Summer page and follow the instructions to register.

When the promotion ends, Ingram Micro will add up your purchases for HP PPS products. Once completed, a Progressive gift card, preloaded with your total reward amount, will be sent to you.