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Entrust launches cloud-based ID issuance solution

Fri 23 Oct 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Entrust has announced the Sigma Instant Desktop Issuance solution, a direct-to-card issuance solution for instant physical and mobile ID issuance, designed for both cloud and on-premise deployment.

Identity and Access Management professionals require a printing solution that is easy to integrate into their operations and scales to meet the needs of the company while assuring data security. 

Sigma systems deliver a seamless user experience across the issuance process for desktop and mobile printing and eliminates the need for printer set-up with a modular design and an out-of-the-box implementation that takes less than 30 minutes for users to begin issuing identities.

Equipped with cloud-based APIs, Sigma systems bring issuance to the cloud without additional hardware, enabling instant printing for both physical IDs, badges and payment cards. 

Sigma systems are IoT devices that help ensure organisations and their data are safe with an intelligent network and building connectivity for ultimate enterprise protection. 

With capabilities like tactile impressions, holographic and lustre panel printing, Sigma printers make it highly difficult for counterfeiters to alter or recreate cards. 

Additionally, features like an inline magnetic stripe and smart card encoding secure your cards during the card printing process.

Sigma systems offer the most advanced security architecture that keeps data protected at each step of the issuance process:

  • Encrypted connections: The connection and data sent between software and the printer are secure and encrypted. Sigma printers do not store customer data after successful printing is complete.
  • Secure boot: This feature prevents Sigma systems from booting up malware or other compromises are detected.
  • Trusted platform module (TPM): Organizations can store and manage user certificates and keys in the printer, allowing the printer to become a trusted internet of things (IoT) endpoint.

The Sigma system’s “Printer Dashboard” is available on mobile devices, allowing organisations to manage the printer from anywhere. 

Sigma systems also enable companies to pivot and move to a contactless ID Issuance experience, from online photo submission to validating the photo, printing the card, and ultimately delivering the card to the employee. 

The on-premises instant ID solution features a mobile enrollment functionality for added flexibility to issue IDs at various locations within a facility. 

“Whether your requirements demand an integrated, secure on-premises solution or a system that can grow with a distributed workforce via a secure cloud-hosted Identity Management offering, the Entrust Sigma solutions can meet your needs,” says Entrust channel partner Capture Technologies sales director Joe Franco. 

“They are browser-based and mobile ready and able to be deployed without the need for a heavy client to be installed. The certificate-based integrated security features should put to rest any concerns about using the cloud for identity issuance or your printing solution being vulnerable to network attack.”

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