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Epicor collaborates with customers for 50/50

11 Nov 09

The company’s new Shared Benefits program allows collaborative project management and shared risks and rewards in order to enhance its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system deployments. 

The program is intended to help companies eliminate risk and avoid excessive cost overruns by establishing a partnership where Epicor and its customers equally share the risks and rewards of an ERP implementation project. 

Under the new program Epicor and its partners take joint responsibility for the project scope based on project mapping, mutually-agreed upon business outcomes and ROI calculations. Upon project completion, if the project is under budget, the savings are shared 50/50, but if the project runs over budget, the customer is billed 50% of the contracted professional services hourly rates for all over-budget costs. 

In a release Epicor CEO George Klaus said: “The ERP industry as a whole is notorious for endless implementation cycles and excessive deployment costs. Ten years ago Epicor set out to change this paradigm and lower the costs of ERP implementation through our 1:1 guarantee initiative. Today, we’re offering our customers even more compelling ways to mitigate deployment risks and improve ROI with our Shared Benefits program, where customers and Epicor share equally in project outcomes.”