Epson talks deals and market share

22 Jan 10

Along with strong recent market performance in the printer market, Epson has slashed the price on one of its home theatre projectors in order to offer a more competitively priced product. 

According to Epson, the EH-TW3500 home theatre projector’s price was slashed in order to “reflect aggressive pricing and to reinforce our proposition on the market”. The projector was $4499 when launched and now has an RRP of $3799. 

Nika Maltseva, Marketing Manager for Epson New Zealand, said that price cut came after a competitor launched a similar, less-expensive product a few weeks after the Epson projector launched. Epson said that they are confident in the product and the new competitive price and Maltseva said, “We’re definitely seeing some results and we’re definitely seeing that it’s selling at the new price.”

In the printer realm a report by GFK Retail and Technology NZ released in November found that Epson maintains a 27% market share in the multi-function printer (MFP) Inkjet segment. Maltseva said that Epson plans to maintain that level and does not plan to gain more in the immediate future.

“We sort of see ourselves as maintaining that market share for now because we don’t actually want to take over the number one position in the market,” she said.

In addition to its strong market share, the Epson TX110 has been the top selling multi-function device (MFD) in New Zealand for four consecutive months since its launch.

Epson plans to continue this stronghold in the market by providing a “steady stream of innovative, competitive and attractive products that guarantee sales”.

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