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Exclusive: Dicker Data NZ announces Wild Horses winners

By Heather Wright, Thu 6 Jul 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Lexel, Playtech and Willis White & Company are among the winners in Dicker Data New Zealand's Wild Horses Lenovo promotion, which proved so popular the distributor added a second 'reloaded' draw adding six additional reseller winners to the original three.

The nine winners will get to live out their Smokey and the Bandit fantasies driving Route 66 in a Ford Mustang.

The full list of winners is: Focus Technology Group, Elive, The Laptop Company, Playtech, Norrcom, Lexel Systems, Baycom and  Willis White & Company - which picked up not one win, but two.

The nine winners will wing their way to the United States later this year to spend 12 days driving the iconic Route 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago in a convoy of Ford Mustang's - complete with short wave radios for communication.

Richard Harri, Dicker Data New Zealand volume business unit manager, says resellers were excited and invigorated by the prize.

“The winners are delighted to have won and are looking forward to not only traversing Route 66, but there is also huge appeal in driving the convertible Ford Mustangs” Harri says.

Harri says Dicker Data New Zealand will be launching its next promotion - which he promises will be another iconic New Zealand experience - soon.

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