17 Mar 2017
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Exclusive: NZ-born RedShield inks overseas reseller deal with Connect I.T. Solutions

By Sam Worthington

Kiwi web-application protection specialist, RedShield, has today revealed a reseller agreement with Connect I.T. Solutions.

Network and security solutions experts Connect I.T. will supply RedShield’s complete service line to their current and prospective North American enterprise customers.

“RedShield’s track record on delivering true business outcomes for customers is what attracted us to their service,” says Dave Reoch, Chief Technology Officer, Connect I.T. Solutions.

“Being able to mitigate all findings in web application Pen Testing reports is something that we hadn’t seen before, but is absolutely necessary for our customers to extend the life of their application and to hit service and audit dates,” he explains.

According to the company, the focus of the RedShield service is to rapidly and pragmatically shield detected application flaws without requiring any direct software remediation.

RedShield addresses technical flaws, where well-managed WAF devices can be highly effective, and also addresses business logic flaws where application state must be maintained and corrected.

Recently, the Kiwi company has seen an uptake in two generic use cases with customers. The first is being short term shielding of applications that need to hit in-service or audit dates where the software dev teams are constrained.

And the second is the delivery of outsourced mature risk management to meet insurance company and regulatory requirements.

“Most of our target customers already get Pen Testing done on their key public facing apps, but then often struggle to address the findings rapidly, especially with older code and third party components where they don’t have control over Software Development,” says Andy Prow, CEO RedShield Security.

“With RedShield they have another option.” 

Prow says Connect I.T. Solutions was selected due to its experience and breadth in security solutions and customer references.

“Connect I.T. Solutions has a stellar group of loyal customers that look to them for advice and solutions. Being able to discuss RedShield to address outstanding Pen Test issues is a logical addition,” he adds.

“We are excited to see what we can do together.”

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