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Extreme Networks empowers partners with PartnerLink app

Extreme Networks has released PartnerLink, a mobile application to provide partners with access to sales tools and critical content.

The app is available to the Extreme Partner Network (EPN) and associated sales teams and provides access to key sales and marketing content.

The company says it will help Extreme partners to accelerate sales processes and close business faster. It says the app is designed to broaden partner access, engage partners with relevant content and increase awareness and uptake of products, programmes and promotions.

Gregory Cross, Extreme Networks spokesperson, says Extreme Networks has the capability to publish information in one region at a time, such as Australia and New Zealand.

He says, “Our process is that prior to a region-specific communication, our distributors within the region are communicated to beforehand.”

“In New Zealand, the PartnerLInk app will help our local base of resellers gain access to content that might have otherwise missed in regular email communications as well as give provide a platform for them to check back on the available promotions globally and specifically in the NZ region,” says Cross.

Extreme Networks has 2,500 partners worldwide and calls itself a partner-first organisation. The company says PartnerLink demonstrates an effort to simplify daily processes and speed the flow of information.

Bob Gault, Extreme Networks vice president of global channels and partners, says as the company continues to build products and programs focused on partner success, it’s imperiative they give their partners the tools they need.

“With the launch of PartnerLink, we're doing just that. PartnerLink streamlines operations to allow sales teams more time to focus on the activities that matter - moving prospects through the sales funnel and generating revenue,” says Gault.

Cross says, “Extreme subscribes to the fact that life is now mobile for both business and entertainment, and the more education and content that we enable over wireless devices, the better off all of our partners will be.”

Through the app sales teams can close deals and authorised partners can register sales opportunities on the go. Users will also have access to product promotions, customer case studies, datasheets and competitive sales cards.

Mahmood Chaudhri, Datrix managing director, says PartnerLink is a crucial part of offering the best customer support, as users are able to instantly respond to customers with the most up to date information.

Extreme Networks says PartnerLink also delivers focused regional content based on the user’s location. Supported by iOS, Android and Blackberry, the app can be accessed from smartphones or tablets.