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First ever Microsoft Surface Hub sold in NZ by Kiwi reseller Asnet

A Microsoft partner and an authorised reseller, Asnet has sold the first ever Microsoft Surface Hub in New Zealand.

The company also hosted a launch to demonstrate the Microsoft Surface Hub in its new home - the Asnet Wellington office, at an exclusive event.

Paul Dolley, surface hub sales lead for Microsoft Asia Pacific, says it was great to introduce the Microsoft Surface Hub to the Wellington Enterprise and Government community.

“One attendee even flew in from Christchurch, which was fantastic,” he says.

“The interest in the Surface Hub has been huge across Asia-Pacific and we are expecting a large volume of orders over the next twelve months.”

Paul Thompson, Surface Hub Sales Lead for Asnet Technologies, joined Paul Dolley in presenting at multiple sessions  throughout the day.

The main focus of the sessions was to demonstrate the functionality and capabilities of the new Microsoft Surface Hub, and to explain how the solution is changing both how people collaborate and how meeting rooms are being constructed.

Thompson was also the one who sold the first Surface Hub in the country.

“It took me longer to arrange the quotation than it did to receive the purchase order,” he says.

“The interest has been considerable from both Corporate and Government sectors. It was a real pleasure having Paul Dolley present at the Surface Hub launch, as there is no greater authority on the Surface Hub in the Asia-Pacific region.”