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Fitting into the wireless generation

01 Jan 11

Nearly everything seems to be wireless these days, and while printers may not immediately spring to mind when we consider wireless products, that is quickly changing.
Imagine that your partner is at home and there is an email on the computer they need to print urgently. Internet connectivity has gone down in the street (as it so often does these days) and they can’t get access to their email, however you can, via your iPhone or iPad. The solution? The new AirPrint technology.
Developed by Apple (of course), AirPrint is considered to be the next-generation in Wi-Fi print, and it completely eliminates that need for print drivers. HP have released a selection of AirPrint-enabled computers, such as the HP Photosmart, HP LaserJet Pro and HP Officejet, allowing iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users to print their documents or photos with a single tap, sending it wirelessly to any printer that supports AirPrint.
Bingo! Your partner now has their email and printing has just taken a leap forward in its evolution.