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Fujitsu delivers BYOD service for enterprises

11 Nov 2013

Fujitsu has introduced the next generation of ‘market-making’ cloud platform service, enabling CIOs to harness the broad potential of cloud with the complete business agility and innovation that cloud delivers.

Labelled as the Fujitsu Cloud Integration Platform, the service integrates, aggregates and manages all cloud services and traditional ICT from a ‘single pane of glass’ to ensure all data is protected, identity is assured and services are governed.

“It is so rewarding to be able today to provide our customers with the Fujitsu Cloud Integration Platform," says Cameron McNaught, EVP, Solutions, International Business, Fujitsu.

"It is clear from regular discussions with our customers they not only want, but need, a ‘single ‘pane of glass’ to integrate, aggregate and manage their growing portfolio of cloud services, regardless of whether they are deployed by an IT department, or sourced from the Cloud and procured by their business units.

"Fujitsu Cloud Integration Platform not only delivers on this growing requirement, but provides a platform for the future.

"It will allow CIOs and their teams to become cloud enablers, supporting the adoption of cloud services and managing them in a simple, consistent and compliant way.”

McNaught says business leaders continue to enthusiastically adopt cloud services that deliver competitive advantage.

But the challenge for CIOs is how to manage and ensure appropriate governance and control across an increasingly diverse portfolio of cloud services without adding management overhead or being seen as blocking progress.

Over the next three years, Fujitsu predicts organisations will introduce more than 30 cloud services from multiple providers into their existing ICT landscape - as a result, CIOs need tools to manage this growing complexity.

Based on its ICT heritage and international presence, McNaught claims Fujitsu recognises that cloud is intrinsically complex – one size does not fit all – and so it offers business leaders and CIOs the choice and integration services that they are requesting.

“The ‘candy store‘ of irresistible cloud services continues to grow in range and complexity – enticing customers from all corners of the enterprise to ‘have cloud their way’," says Vernon Turner, Senior VP of Enterprise Infrastructure, Consumer, Network, Telecom and Sustainability Research, IDC.

"IDC forecasts that public IT cloud services spending will grow at five times the rate of the IT industry as a whole, so the next big challenge for CIOs is how to simplify the way they combine and manage these services, particularly when they are delivered by multiple providers.

"Fujitsu’s Cloud Integration Platform is leading the way to help provide organisations with the basis of seamless application, data and management environments across their in-house ICT.”

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