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Gallagher Security earns Stratus Technologies APAC Partner Award
Fri, 24th Nov 2023

Gallagher Security has been announced as the recipient of the prestigious Stratus Technologies APAC Solution Application Partner Award for the period September 2022 to August 2023.

This recognition underlines the fruitful partnership between Gallagher and Stratus Technologies, that is collectively committed to maintaining the availability and integrity of Gallagher’s renowned Command Centre site management platform via a fault-tolerant server solution.

The Command Centre, a principal offering from Gallagher, is a site management tool that integrates a variety of components including access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security, and business policy management.

This platform is supported by potent software that works to enhance operational efficiency and safeguards some of the world’s most critical infrastructure and sites.

As part of its Technology Partner Program, Gallagher has consistently dedicated its efforts towards forming partnerships with leading industry providers to develop unified security solutions.

Joining forces with Stratus Technologies empowers Gallagher to present its End Users with a sturdy, easily deployable ‘always on’ infrastructure solution that efficiently fortifies customer protection against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Gallagher Security's Executive Vice President for APAC & IMEA, Craig Shutte, expressed pride in partnering with Stratus.

He said, “Gallagher is proud to partner with Stratus, a company we respect for their continued commitment to innovation and their proven reliability and support backed by over 40 years of success and unmatched uptime. Stratus servers are inherently reliable and resilient offering redundancy and are Gallagher’s go-to recommendation for our Command Centre End Users.”

Reflecting similarly gratifying sentiments, Edward Chow, Vice President Sales & Service at Stratus Asia Pacific, underlined the significance of their long-term collaboration with Gallagher Security.

“The strength and significance of our 16-year partnership with Gallagher Security has played a pivotal role in shaping resilient, access-control solutions dedicated to safeguarding and managing people and industrial assets on a global scale by enabling secure and remote technology environments."

Chow further added, "The user-friendly design of Gallagher software and industry-leading uptime of the Stratus edge computing platforms empowers security personnel to seamlessly operate, and service these mission-critical installations, thereby eliminating the necessity for specialised IT resources in often remote and difficult to access locations. Together, we will continue to elevate security standards, while ensuring simplicity and efficiency in protecting the world's most demanding and secure workloads."

The Gallagher Command Centre has the ability to be installed onto Stratus servers and can smoothly run on either the Stratus ftServer or Stratus ztC Edge protection.

The Stratus ftServer features a unique setup where a duplicate of the system is in place at one location, allowing the system to run continuously even in the event of a fault, thanks to the secondary server backup capability.

In contrast, the Stratus ztC Edge offers dual servers that automatically synchronise data but can operate in distinct locations, providing certainty that if one server suffers physical damage, the other will continue functioning.