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Gallery: Glitz & glamour at A/NZ partner awards hosted by StorageCraft, an Arcserve company

By Sara Barker, Mon 12 Jul 2021

When StorageCraft, an Arcserve company, announced the winners of its Australia and New Zealand partner awards at the annual v-Conference this year, it brought a passionate IT community together to celebrate achievements after a challenging year amid a pandemic.

Arcserve Asia Pacific director of sales Leo Lynch says, "A BIG congratulations to our 2020 partner award winners – we are very proud of our entire APAC partner ecosystem, however, we want to give some special recognition to some of our ‘shining stars’. Looking forward to continuing to work in the 2H of 2021 with our awesome partners."

The event recognised the achievements of 13 partners from across New Zealand and Australia.

Full list of winners

2020 Cloud Backup Partner of the Year, APAC - Danet Technology
2020 Cloud Services Partner of the Year, APAC - BusinessWorks
2020 Best Value-Added Distributor, A/NZ - Soft Solutions
2020 Best Use of Technology, New Zealand - Fragment
2020 Partner of the Year New Zealand – Skypoint Technologies
2020 Best Use of StorageCraft Technology,  Australia - BES IT Systems
2020 QLD Partner of the Year - Alliance Business Technologies
2020 VIC Partner of the Year - ITtelligent Consulting Services
2020 SA Partner of the Year - VInet Technology Solutions
2020 WA Partner of the Year - Total Networking Engineering
2020 NSW Partner of the Year - Centrix Solutions
2020 Partner of the Year, Australia - ADITS
2020 Partner of the Year New Zealand - Skypoint Technologies

Image gallery and quotes

Below is a selection of photos and quotes from the event.

*Story image above: The SkyPoint Technologies team, who took away 2020 Partner of the Year New Zealand.

Read on for more...

Fragment states, "I’m new with selling StorageCraft products, when I saw the OneXafe Solo it was an instant win, makes backups a breeze for me and my clients I support.  Can’t wait to try out the other products."

*Fragment receives the award for Best Use of Technology, New Zealand

In a LinkedIn post, Soft Solutions states, “We won best value-added distributor A/NZ! We just received this honour from StorageCraft, with Andrea Martin and Karl Thomson presenting the trophy (along with a great lunch). Thank you StorageCraft and to all our partners. We really appreciate your continued support.”

*Soft Solutions celebrates its Best Value-Added Distributor, A/NZ win

Danet Technology states in a LinkedIn Post, "We are very proud to have been awarded the StorageCraft APAC 2020 Cloud Backup Partner of the Year. Since 2005, StorageCraft have been a highly valued strategic partner, a partnership that has ensured our clients' data is protected against accidental and malicious loss. Cheers to the next 15 years and beyond!"

BES IT Systems states, "We are very proud to have been awarded the StorageCraft APAC 2020 Best Use of StorageCraft Technology Australia Award. Although the StorageCraft APAC Partner Virtual Conference was a huge success, nothing beats an in person visit from Michael Watson to receive our award. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with StorageCraft Technology, LLC for years to come!"

*Bes IT Systems wins Best Use of StorageCraft Technology Australia Award

Alliance Business Technologies states, "We were awarded '2020 Queensland Partner of the Year' at #APACSTC2021 [by] StorageCraft Technology! Big shout out to Wayne Kirby, Ali Haidar, and the rest of our amazing team of engineers for your hard work in ensuring our clients are provided with the best disaster recovery services possible, as well as Michael Watson and Jack Alsop at StorageCraft Technology who we work closely with in guiding us in the right direction."

*The Alliance Business Technologies team wins Queensland Partner of the Year

VINet Technology Solutions states, "South Australian Partner of the Year! What an absolute honour to receive this Award from StorageCraft Technology, LLC. A massive thank you from the entire team here at VInet Technology Solutions. Congratulations to all winners!"

ADITS states, "We are excited to announce that ADITS has been named StorageCraft Technology's Australian Partner of the Year! StorageCraft representative Jack Alsop presented our Group Managing Director, Ashley Darwen with the award at our Brisbane Office Opening. In his presentation, he credited this award to our honesty in the relationships we build with our customers. We are so proud of our Team for receiving this collective achievement!"

*ADITS celebrates its Australian Partner of the Year win.

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