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Geo-location a first of its kind

01 Aug 08

Email scams have been around for almost as long as electronic mail, which has driven Secure Computing to deliver what it claims to be a first of its kind — the Secure Firewall solution with geo-location based filtering. The service is primarily targeted at the SME and SMB markets and allows organisations to identify where a threat is coming from, based on the country-code information.
Eric Krieger, Secure Computing’s ANZ Country Manager, calls the internet “interactive”, which makes it an open doorway for malicious hackers to destroy entire network systems. “We provide a solution that allows the user to identify where that IP address is from,” he said.
As reported in The New Zealand Herald and globally in June this year, users continue to be caught out by Nigerian email scams and advance-fee frauds. Krieger knows that as soon as one scammer is caught another takes his place. “Malware is an industry. The fact is the ‘baddies’ have become smarter and it’s getting worse.” Geo-location reduces exposure to attack by blocking or allowing organisations to apply additional, in-depth filtering of traffic from unfamiliar business contacts, as well as known hackers.