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GeoSmart targets new channel partners

01 Apr 10

Following the release of Route2Go Lite, the firm is looking to boost its number of channel partners and is offering incentives for those who deal in volume.

Luigi, Cappel, Sales and Marketing Manager for GeoSmart, told The Channel that the solution was “designed to bolt into third-party applications and what we’re looking for are either systems resellers or companies that develop and resell these kinds of software packages to offer it as a bolt on component to their application.”

Route2Go Lite is a middleware route optimisation tool based on the travelling salesman problem. "In effect it will provide you with the
fastest route and order to make the visits on a trip, providing the best
sequence as well as travel distance and time between each stop," Cappel
explained. "The target market is any company that makes a lot of visits
in a trip. This could include meter readers, on site service people,
sales people, FMCG merchandisers, retail stores that deliver, such as
furniture, white and brown goods, field health professionals, property
inspectors and many more."

Cappel sees the list of industry sectors that could profit from this solution as
very long. "Our sales plan requires channel partners who can integrate the application into existing products or use it to build new products. We have an excellent reseller profit share model that will make it an attractive tool to up sell existing clients and to use to win new business," he said.

"Our pricing model will make it attractive for channel partners to generate healthy profits at the same time as offering their clients a readily achievable ROI, helping them to improve their service to their customers, become more competitive and profitable, which has to be a good outcome in these difficult economic times."