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Google Cloud and Broadcom announce strategic partnership

Thu 15 Apr 2021

Google Cloud and Broadcom, the semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions supplier, have formed a strategic collaboration, the companies have announced.

The collaboration aims to accelerate innovation and optimise cloud services integration within Broadcom’s core software franchises.

As part of the partnership, Broadcom will now deliver its suite of security and enterprise operations software on Google Cloud — allowing businesses to deploy Broadcom solutions in security, and DevOps on Google Cloud’s infrastructure.

“Leveraging Google Cloud enables Broadcom Software to scale and innovate faster to meet the growing needs of digital businesses globally,” says Broadcom Software Group president Tom Krause.

“This collaboration is fundamental to delivering secure access to cloud applications and providing enterprises with increased performance, continuous compliance, and enhanced security that empowers an organisation’s cloud adoption journey.”

The partnership comes as a culmination of Google Cloud’s previous acceleration of Broadcom’s growth strategy. Before the announcement of the partnership, Broadcom successfully migrated Symantec Web Security Service (WSS) and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) onto Google Cloud — and will soon complete the migration of its other cloud cybersecurity solutions, the company says. 

Broadcom has also modernised the security stack and standardised service delivery processes and offerings on Google Cloud infrastructure, which enables Broadcom to scale and operate more efficiently to serve enterprise customers better.  

Other benefits of migrating Broadcom software onto Google Cloud, according to the companies, include:

  • Accelerated development of new, transformational cloud-native services
  • Reduced latency for service-to-service communications
  • Increased scale and improved resiliency
  • Strengthened infrastructure compliance certifications
  • Reduced reliance on congested public internet routes
  • Additionally, Google Cloud’s data and analytics services will support Broadcom’s business-wide data and analytics strategy, helping transform the way the company uses data to make better business decisions and support its customers. Broadcom will deploy multiple services internally, leveraging Cloud SQL, Dataproc, and Bigtable, helping modernise its infrastructure and analytics capabilities to deliver a more secure, reliable and scalable data platform in support of its customers.

Google Cloud president Rob Enslin says the company is excited to join Broadcom on its journey toward digital transformation, while also helping it expand its worldwide reach.

“Companies around the world turn to software and services from Broadcom to run their businesses securely and to power their digital transformations,” says Enslin.

“We are proud to be Broadcom’s cloud partner as it expands the global availability of these critical security and operations services and to support Broadcom’s own digital transformation.”

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