Government announces iPad supplier

14 Jan 13

Cyclone Computers has been confirmed as the main Apple iPad supplier for agencies and schools buying through the All-of-Government (AoG) Desktop and Laptop contract.

With the new iPad catalogue available today, the AoG procurement reform programme objectives include a centralised procurement process for selected categories in order to deliver savings to schools and agencies.

Cyclone says they are the sole supplier of the iPads, meaning previous suppliers Gen-i and YooBee will have to purchase them as a Cyclone agent if they require them for their AoG customers.

Cyclone, a local private company, is servicing participating agencies in both the education (an increasingly significant user of iPads) and non-education sector.

The updated tablet computer offering will provide agencies with further savings, becoming especially attractive for the procurement of iPads into the schools sector.

“We relish the opportunity and challenge to work alongside creative mobile users with innovative products and unique applications," says Graham Prentice, GM Apple division Cyclone Computers.

"The outcomes of iPad use are really changing the way we work and learn.

"These are exciting times!”

The iPad has various iterations including two screen sizes, while also available with or without 3G data capability.

All Apple iterations are included in the AoG catalogue as schools, universities, polytechnics and a growing number of government organisations use the iPad to provide positive changes to workflow around productivity and mobility.

Both commercial and bespoke applications (free and paid for) are used on the iPads to enable users to better address specific workplace or learning solutions.

Security and management of both data and devices enable large organisations to better manage mobile fleets.

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