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Green UPS gives resellers sustainable advantage

24 Nov 2009

At a time when sustainability and cutting back on emissions are high on the agenda for most end users, selling a ‘green’ UPS has to be a competitive advantage for resellers.Add to that the energy savings Eaton’s Energy Saver System enable UPSs to deliver and you have a winning combination, says Michael Mallia, General Manager, Power Quality, Eaton.And if the product saves CIOs significant money in the running costs of their data centre, they’re sure to be interested, he says.Although the savings depend on the company, the figures are considerable, he says.“The increase in efficiency of the UPS is anything from 3 to 5%. In a typical data centre of 1MW capacity this could save up to around $35,000 per year in energy costs.”The Energy Saver System, technology enables large, three-phase UPSs to operate at the highest efficiency in the industry – 99% – without sacrificing reliability, he says.“While advances in technology during the past 30 years have dramatically improved the efficiency of UPSs, specifying engineers often had to choose a UPS based on mutually exclusive merits, either highest efficiency or highest protection,” he says. “With the Energy Saver System there is no compromise, a single UPS delivers consistent power quality and protection for IT systems with the highest efficiency across all load ranges.”