01 Jul 2013
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Greentree founder Don Bowman dies

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Don Bowman, the founder of software giant Greentree International, has died following a battle with cancer.

Labelled as "one of the pioneers of New Zealand's software industry," the 77-year-old created a company now competing on a global scale with industry giants such as Microsoft, SAP and Sage.

In a warm tribute to Bownman, Greentree CEO Peter Dickinson released the following statement:

"Like all industries, without the early pioneers like Don we wouldn't have had the platform to build from.

"[When launching Greentree] People told Don he was crazy, including me. But once again, he was right.

"Greentree today is expanding from Australia and New Zealand into the European and US markets, and competing successfully with the likes of Microsoft, SAP and Sage.

“He never sought recognition because it was never about ego or greed.

"I think Don fundamentally believed that if he was doing something that was good for his customers, and it was good for his staff, then it would be successful and the outcome would be good for him.

“He didn’t just build a product or a company; he actually built an international business community."

Following a career spanning over 30 years in the software industry, Bowman is survived by his wife Gwen and his five children.

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