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Groundbreaking contour ensures comfort

01 Oct 2007

Logitech recently unveiled a groundbreaking keyboard design that is a significant evolution of the familiar straight keyboard.  The new Logitech Comfort Wave Design offers ergonomic comfort without requiring users to re-learn how to type.Logitech combined three elements in its new design – an innovative wave key-frame design a U-shaped constant curve, and a cushioned, contoured palm rest.  In comparison to ergonomic keyboards, people can use a Wave keyboard immediately – there is no learning curve.To further enhance ease of use, the Comfort Wave Design offers large, convenient hot keys that are easy to see and hit.  On both the PC and Mac, with Logitech software installed, hot keys can be mapped to launch folders, web pages, or applications such as photo galleries.  For Windows Vista users, shortcut keys activate Flip 3D, as well as Windows Sidebar and gadgets.  The Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Laser features a cordless keyboard with the Comfort Wave Design and an ambidextrous, cordless laser mouse. The mouse also features pixel-precise laser tracking, and a comfortable, soft rubber grip.  Both mouse and keyboard feature battery indicator lights.