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Fri, 28th Oct 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

For more than a decade, the Chinese brand Huion has provided graphic tablets, light pads and a number of additional items, in order to provide great digital creative content.

Huion came back in 2022 with a new product which is the perfect balance between a writing notebook and a digital tablet. Indeed, the Huion Note is a smart device allowing users to digitise their handwriting notes.


The Huion Note looks like a classic notebook with A5 pages. The brown leather cover gives a very elegant appearance to the device, which makes it very professional and pleasant to hold. The Huion Note is very light, which makes it easy to transport.

The notebook doesn’t have any display or visible digital elements, which is the main strength of the Huion Note. Even the digital pen is a writing ballpoint pen! Indeed, there is only a little lighting indicator that could remind us of the digital aspect of the product. Thanks to that, the Huion Note is definitely affordable for all users, even those who have struggled with tech

The digital notebook is delivered with a digital pen, as well as replacement pen nibs and a charging cable. To work with the notebook, you will need the Huion Note App, available on App Store and Play Store.


The features of the Huion Note are many and various. This includes writing synchronisation which allows you to receive the notes you take on paper, instantaneously on your phone or tablet. I was impressed to see how fast and reactive the tablet is. There is no delay in writing notes and digital synchronisation. The notes are transcribed in high quality, which is the most powerful aspect of this device. Moreover, the Huion Note has an 18-hour of battery life which is perfect for people who need to sketch everywhere and at every time.

The Huion Note goes further than a simple notebook by allowing you to manage your notes directly on your phone or tablet. Thanks to the Huion Note App, you will be able to make several edits to your sheet, to make it as you wish. You can add erase notes, replace them with new ones or highlight the most important ones. The most interesting feature of the app is the lasso, which allows you to select notes and adjust the size and move it throughout the sheet. You can save your different notes into files which are automatically saved on the app.

Huion Note supports offline storage of up to 50 note pages. The offline content will be automatically saved on the app and will allow you to work whenever you want even if you just have the notebook with you.  Additional to that, you can save and share your notes in PDF, which is perfect when you work on team projects for example.

Furthermore, the Huion Note can be turned into a digital sensitive tablet mode by connecting it to your laptop. This mode is very intuitive, you just need to remove the note pages and fold the cover as a tablet and then plug it into your laptop. Then, you will be able to create your best sketch right into your laptop screen with the sensitive nibs (included in the panel of nibs). This feature is definitely a must-have which completes the impressive quality of this digital notebook.