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Hands-on review: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 smartphone
Fri, 19th Aug 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

With its new range of foldable phones, Samsung has definitely brought a vibrant new energy to the smartphone market. One of the latest additions to the portfolio is the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is planned for the end of August 2022. We had the opportunity to get our hands on one to try out, and were amazed by its incredible array of features and design qualities.

Size and weight

The first thing we noticed about the Z Fold 4 was that it seemed like a very sturdy phone with a stylish and large surface area. While the phone looked big, it was actually so light that when you had it in your hands, you forgot you were actually holding it!

When the device is folded - using the one-hand position - you can appreciate 6.2 inches of screen, and when it is unfolded - in a two-hand position -  you can enjoy the main 7.6-inch screen.

With these options, the Z Fold 4 is the perfect trade-off between a tablet and phones that are often too big. You can easily put it in your pocket without requiring lots of space. When folded, the phone looks slim and elegant with great finishes. We also found it very easy to switch between the two screen modes. It is available in 3 clean colours: Greygreen, Phantom Black and Beige.

Display and features

Before talking about the double screen characteristic, let's focus on the main practical features of the phone. The Taskbar allows you to have your favourite apps at your fingertips with simple and easy navigation. Another great thing about the phone is its slim and efficient size. It definitely didn't disturb us when we were on an app. If you are in full-screen display, you can manage this bar with a simple swipe of your finger.

Samsung has succeeded in making a very interactive and efficient double screen. When you are in the Main Screen, apps become intelligent and allow you to manage more things in your display. For example, you can read your mail on the right side while you go through your inbox on the left. Another example is if you take a picture on the Main Screen, you can watch the result on the screen's left side while the camera is still open.

The main strength of this screen comes from the optimised apps. The quality of viewing increases significantly and gives you a real tablet experience. You can easily enjoy your favourite Netflix series on Main Screen and remove it from Normal Screen. The high quality of the display gives you clean colours, and it is very pleasant to surf between different apps.

As with Android phones, the Z Fold 4 allows you to manage your screen as you want. You can choose your app's navigation system, your screen layout or the way you want app animations to run. You can also use apps more easily with the new Samsung Galaxy S-Pen Fold, which allows you to write notes, play video games or even just surf faster on your display. The pen is not included with this model, but you can buy it for an additional cost.

It is also great to know that the phone is water resistant. The IPX8 WATER RESISTANCE measure is a water-resistant test that certifies that the device could be submerged in up to 1.5 metres of freshwater for up to 30 minutes.


The three-lens camera of the Z Fold 4 delivers amazing picture and video quality. You can take pictures with wide and ultra-wide options, thanks to the 12MP and 50MP cameras. This phone takes one of the best photos of all the Android devices we have camera tested. What fascinated us the most was the 30x Space Zoom, which delivers amazing resolution that catches high-quality pictures even at very long distances. You can also enjoy other camera features like Dual Preview, Capture View or Expert RAW, which will help you to take the most beautiful landscape or portrait pictures.

Samsung has stepped up its game with this new generation of foldable phones, and consumers from influencers to business professionals will be impressed by the wide array of features and attributes.

What to remember

Light and slim
A huge 7.6 inches Main Screen
An intelligent Taskbar
High-quality image display
High-quality pictures
Ultra 30x Zoom