16 May 2014
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How EMC's VSPEX solution can boost your business...

For Small and medium businesses, facing many of the same IT challenges as larger enterprises is commonplace.

Yet increased demand for new IT capabilities and services while saving costs and protecting business-critical systems make it difficult to maintain day-to-day business operations.

EMC's solutions can help you store, manage and protect your computing resources more efficiently while consolidating your hardware investments.

Introducing VSPEX, a reference-architecture based complete cloud infrastructure designed to transform IT in the workplace.

Combining virtualisation, servers, networking, storage and backup, VSPEX has been built, tested, proven and documented by EMC, ensuring businesses need not engineer the solution.

“VSPEX is designed to deliver the right sized solution outcome for the customer and offers the customer and partner the flexibility to choose what goes in it,” says Arron Patterson, Chief Technology Officer, EMC2 New Zealand, discussing the key benefits for customers using VSPEX.

“Because VSPEX has been built, tested and proven by EMC, businesses can be confident the solution will speed deployment, lower risk, perform predictably and interoperate regardless of the choices made.”

Additionally EMC owns support from the start to finish, providing a specialised support team that removes shuffling from one vendor to another, effectively speeding time to resolution.

Partners have the choice of servers, networking and hypervisor brands that they prefer to go along with EMC’s industry-leading unified storage and backup technology.

“VSPEX reduces risk for partners by providing a reference architecture that includes all elements at the right size to deliver the customer outcome,” Patterson adds.

“Partners can also co-brand the VSPEX solution ensuring enduring awareness of the role they play in delivering the customer solution.”

In under two years in the marketplace EMC VSPEX has become the industry’s number 1 integrated system according to Gartner by offering businesses the most flexibility in how converged infrastructure can be acquired and operated.

“The broad range of simple, efficient and flexible solutions, simple support structure and unparalleled partner ecosystem ensure wide adoption and high levels of customer satisfaction,” adds Patterson.

For more information regarding EMC, please contact John Roxburgh, Business Development Manager, Westcon on +64 9 477 7938 or john.roxburgh@westcongroup.co.nz

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